Rent-A-Slut: OK, I don't even know how legal this would be, so one of you lawyer types let me know and I'll find out before I ever go through with something like this. It may wind up just being a huge fantasy rather than something I can really do. But I sure hope it's legal because how awesome would this be?

Having a big bachelor party, BBQ, Super Bowl party, or just need a slut for the night? Well there ya go! For just the travel expenses to and from wherever you are, hotel room, meals, etc. I could be that slut! No money changing hands, I do not want any extra money or to be compensated in any way other than to get to and from wherever you are. I know this will skirt the laws on prostitution since it seems like it's payment for sex. But I don't want to get paid. I just can't pay to get myself to and from the locations where you may be.

This may all turn out to be just a huge fantasy of mine, but it sure sounds fun, doesn't it? :)

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