Now that I have a lot more content and it's starting to get a good bit more time consuming to host this site and edit these photos, I thought it's about time to have some help. Plus, anything I make from the site will help my travel expenses so I can continue to do things like my Vegas trips and other fun trips to you guys. So all I'm asking for is just a little help.

As of 2020, CCBill has dropped Pornoasis as a client after 20+ years because all of our sites that were tied into it post stuff about how we enjoy meeting fans (apparently that's prostitution now) and posting stuff about enjoying a cocktail before enjoying cock (again, what the fuck, we're consenting adults here, morons.) As a result, we're all on our own now for providing members areas and ways to take donations. I'm in the same boat as Scarlet (my mini-me) in that the only way I can take donations is now via Paypal. It's not efficient, but it works, sorta. I get the notice when a donation comes in, I set up the membership.

If you donate $5 you will gain access to just my full length video clips. It's almost an hour of video, with a lot more coming soon. So, absolutely worth 5 dollars. When I had my videos on ManyVids it was closer to $5 per video. I will have these videos in their own unique members area. When you donate via Paypal, I will see the email and set up a u/p for you to get into that area. Your u/p will stay valid for a month or so.

If you donate $10 then I will give you a u/p for my full members area. At the time of writing this, there are over 1000 photos and almost an hour of video (with more coming soon.) Again, I feel like that's a fair deal for ten dollars. Once I get the email, I will set up the username/password. Your u/p will stay valid for about a month or so.