My Wedding Night

This is more of a little fantasy of mine rather than an erotica story. It may read like erotica, but probably more like discussing one of my fantasies. I've long said, even while I was married, that it would be my last. I have no intentions of ever getting married again. However, I came up with this fun fantasy in my head a while back that could make me change my mind! If I could have a wedding like this, I would surely consider doing it again! So here's how it would go:

Weeks before the big day I chartered a bus to take me, my fiance, and a handful of friends to Vegas. They were to pick us up in a parking lot that just happened to be next to a bar we go in a lot. So the invitations to the wedding all had the time and place to meet to get on the bus. The plan was to head to Vegas and go to one of the small wedding chapels that you see in movies. Everyone was prepared for a long ride of drinking and having fun. They had no idea! Around that same time frame I began putting ads on Craigs List and the social media sites I'm on. I placed ads saying anyone interested in a fun road trip gangbang for my wedding should meet at the bus. For this event I didn't even filter guys for what they looked like, how funny/nice they seemed, cock-size anything. I never even asked for photos. I have had horrible luck with CL and other type of ads where I get dozens of guys talk to me and then no one show up. So my strategy this time was to just invite everyone! The time I gave friends was about half an hour before the times I posted in any of my ads. I wanted to make sure they all got seats on the bus. I knew I was fooling myself by thinking anyone would show up, but I still wanted to play it safe.

On the big day I went down early with my fiance (who still wasn't even in on the plan!) and set up coolers of beer, wine and drinks in 4 different bus seats from the back to the front so that no matter where you were sitting you weren't that far from drinks! I also hung my dress on a bar over the first seat and left some personal items there so that I could keep that seat as well. I told my fiance that our seat was the back of the bus so we could see everyone. Really I wanted him to have that position so he could see what was about to happen! After arranging the bus we went back home to get ready. I showered, shaved my pussy so it was nice and smooth, and we had a couple of celebratory shots of Fireball before heading back to the bus. I told my fiance I didn't really want him to dress up, and just be casual. So he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and I was in a really flimsy pink shirt and my jean skirt (no bra or panties, obviously.) Our roommates had agreed to drive us down since they knew we'd both be really drunk climbing off the bus later. So we all drove down and they parked so we could all board the bus!

To my shock and amazement, the entire bus was filled! Every seat (except the ones we left coolers on!) I couldn't believe it! My fiance asked who everyone was and I smiled and said they were guests of our wedding! As we strolled towards the back I was happy to see that several of our invited friends had made it as well. None of them had ever seen me in action before...but they were about to get the shock of their lives! I kept my plan hidden long enough for the bus to get rolling towards Vegas. Then I leaned over and unzipped my fiance's shorts. He started to protest but then smiled and let me proceed. I took out his cock through the zipper and stroked it until he was nice and hard. I then took his hand and put it on his cock and told him he was on his own for a while! I then got up and laid across the guy sitting near the aisle in the seat next to us. There were two guys sitting there so I just laid across the first one so I could get to the guy next to the window. I undid his shorts and with him helping, managed to pull his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. I went right to work sucking his cock! The guy I was laying across wasted no time pulling up my skirt and massaging and squeezing my ass. And within seconds I felt his fingers slide inside my extremely excited and wet pussy! The games had begun!

As soon as the guy I was sucking got hard I climbed up onto his lap and sat on his cock. The guy sitting next to us then got his cock out so I could stroke him while riding the other guy. Within less than maybe a minute the guy I was riding said he was going to cum and asked me where he should cum. I told him deep in my almost-married pussy!

Rather than describe each and every sex act, let's just say that the ride up went exactly like this. I made my way up to the front of the bus, sucking, stroking, fucking guys. Sometimes if it was just one guy in the seat I'd lay on the seat and let him fuck me. Or get on my knees and he'd fuck me from behind. At one level of seats I just leaned over one seat while the guys in the other took turns fucking me from behind...then I laid across those guys and let the other two guys go. For the 2 and a half our ride to Vegas it was non-stop fucking. I even got a little bit of DP and anal. By the time we pulled into the chapel I was drenched in cum! I had cum oozing down both legs from the dozens of internal cumshots. Not a single guy wore a condom and I was a wreck. Both my shirt and my skirt had been taken off at some point and I was completely naked and covered! And I had no intentions of cleaning up! I had guys help me pull my dress over my cum matted hair and then went back to gather up my fiance (who still had his cock out and was stroking away.) I asked him if he was ready and he said yep!

The wedding itself was rather uneventful other than the obvious. Several of our friends were so shocked from the ride up that they no longer wanted to see the wedding and stayed on the bus. Once the vows were said and they pronounced us man and wife I tried to suck one of the guests in the front row of the chapel but I was told immediately by security to leave. So we all wandered back onto the bus and everyone took their seats except me. I stayed at the front of the bus, still in my dress, until we started rolling back to Havasu.

As soon as we got underway I went back to taking on guys. This time in my full wedding dress! And this time I worked my way from the front to the back. I had timed it perfectly on the way up that I went through every single guy in exactly 2.5 hours. But this time I wanted to get to the back before we got home. So I told guys to cum faster and some guys I just jerked off or sucked. On my way back to the back my dress got ripped and then it got worse and worse. By the time I made it to the back of the bus my dress was ripped to shreds, I had cum all over it, cum all over me, and more cum draining out of my pussy than I'd ever had in my life! I tried to entice all the guys to cum inside my newly married pussy and most did! Finally I stood before my new husband and said, "I hope you liked the show because you can expect to see your wife used a lot!" He smiled and said he could handle it! I told him I wanted him to fuck my cum filled pussy. He backed out of the seat and let me lay down on it. He slid inside me (obviously it slid right into my completely gaped and cum filled pussy!) and for the last 20 minutes or so of our trip he fucked me in different positions in the back of the bus while everyone near us watched. Just as we were pulling back into the parking lot across from the bar he shot his first load deep inside his new bride!

I invited everyone back to our house for the reception. Only two of our friends bothered to come. I think they were so shocked by what they saw that they rushed right home! And only 8 of the guys from the bus came over. But that was enough to keep me fucked until the sun came up when the last guy finally left my house and I crawled into bed with my new hubby for one last fuck before the end of a very long, big day!