Cross Country Trip - Theater Visit

Because of my new found love for adult theaters, we mapped out our move to Tampa from Havasu by making sure we'd hit major cities along the way with highly rated adult theaters, so I could relieve some stress at the end of each day and test out some different theaters. So you can imagine my disappointment when after the end of a really long day of driving my boyfriend said he wasn't up for going out. In his defense it had been a horribly stressful day with just about everything going wrong that could go wrong. We weren't completely packed in time so he and a friend had stayed up all night long the night before loading up the U-Haul. By the time it was completely packed it was nearly time for us to leave. I got up, showered and the guys packed up what was left of the bed and bathroom stuff and we hit the road. Of course, we had nothing but issues all day long and by the time we got to our first stop, I was just as exhausted, even though I'd gotten a good night's sleep.

It was really unfortunate too because our motel was literally right across the street from the adult theater. I could see it out of our motel room window! For the next half an hour or so I listened to my boyfriend snore while I played with my clit and watched car after car after car come in and out of the adult theater. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore...I had to go at least see it. That way I would know next time if it was worth stopping for! I reasoned it out in my head that I wouldn't fuck anyone, I would just go check it out! I was wearing a black bikini cover/dress outfit that I like wearing to theaters because it lifts up really easy for access to my pussy, and the top pulls down really easily to expose my tits. I quietly left the room and softly shut the door behind me. I didn't even take my wallet or ID...I figured if they wanted to charge me to get in, it was a good excuse to not go! Half-way through the motel parking lot I got nervous and changed my mind. But four or five steps back towards the motel room I changed my mind again. I must have turned around about 3-4 times before I finally just said fuck it and headed across the street. By this point it was around 10pm and it wasn't a busy highway, so I casually walked across the street and went in.

It was your typical adult bookstore/theater and when you first walk in there were racks of magazines, dildos, lube, your standard stuff. There were a few guys milling around, pretending to shop. I asked the front desk where the theater entrance was and how much. He said it was couples night until 11pm and it was the door on the right. Apparently the door on the left was for singles. It was set up very much like Personal Preference in Phoenix. He said I probably wanted to go in the couples area because the singles area was just slam packed, but either one was free for girls or couples. I had a similar experience at PP one night and we went in the couples side and there really wasn't much going on. Didn't really seem that exciting to me even though my every intention at this point was to not fuck, but just observe. But needless to say, I chose the singles door!

Again it was so much deja vu from my trip to Personal Preference. As soon as I walked in it was so packed I could not walk 3 steps from the entry door. And just as in PP, I had someone yell from the center "We'll make room for you up here!" So I shuffled through the guys, saying "Hi." and smiling. A couple of guys groped at me and as I passed one guy who had his cock out I reached down and stroked it a couple of times for him and kept going. Some guy reached up and pulled my top down, exposing my boobs. I didn't bother to pull my top back up, but just kept walking towards the sofa where the guy said they'd make room, boobs still out! At PP most guys would hang back and wait for you to give them the OK, but these guys were really aggressive. More guys were groping at me and another guy took my hand and placed it on his cock as I walked by. So, I stroked him a few times and then moved on. It was laid out very much like Personal Preference in that it was a bunch of fake leather sofas aligned similar to theater seating, with an aisle to get to the front of the theater. But this was much bigger, and the place was packed, so it was taking me forever to get to the area where the guy yelled out. And the further I got into the theater the more hands I had on me and the more crowded it was around me! My dress was now pulled up, hands were all over my ass and my pussy, guys were rubbing their cocks on me, and I hadn't even made it to my seat yet! I was now surrounded by so many guys I could no longer move forward. I felt hands pushing my back forward, but I couldn't walk, so my upper body bent over. I think that's exactly what they wanted because within seconds I felt a cock slide into me from behind! So much for not fucking! I didn't even make it to my seat!

From there it just was nuts! No one even bothered asking me if they could fuck me. I was just being pushed and pulled from one cock to another, bent over sofas, pulled onto laps, etc. Hands continued to grope me, guys were fingering my pussy and ass, even while other guys fucked me, I had a cock in both hands at all times, and they were always several cocks around my face for me to go back and forth sucking. For the first half an hour or so it was just complete and utter chaos. I've experienced group play many times before, but always with guys who asked first, and in places where there were bouncers to watch over the action. This was just a feeding frenzy and I was the bait! And I LOVED it! I could not possibly keep count but I'm guessing that just within the first half an hour I got fucked by 15-18 guys. I could not tell from the guys fucking me from behind, but for the ones I sat on, and the ones that fucked me while I was laying on the sofa, not a single one wore condoms. It was heaven!

After that first half hour, things got more under control and went a lot more like my previous experiences. I was a lot less swarmed by guys and the guys around me would hover their cocks around waiting for me to suck or stroke instead of just thrusting it in me, and guys were asking me if they could fuck me, and even asking if they could cum inside me (which I replied, "Of Course!") Over the next hour things slowed down more and I'd guess I got fucked by maybe 8-9 more guys. At one point I was sitting on the couch blowing a guy who was standing in front of me and I heard him say "Your husband is not going to be very happy with you!" I was shocked! I looked up and clearly had no idea who the guy was, so I just stood there in shock. He laughed and said, "I'm in the motel room next to yours. I saw you guys come in and then I happened to be standing at the window when you were deciding whether or not to come over here. I saw you come in so I got dressed and ran over. I've been watching you since you got here." I was still in complete shock. I didn't know how to respond. He then held a finger up to his lips and said, "Shhh, your secret is safe with me. As long as you let me cum in your asshole." Without saying a word I got on all fours on the couch and leaned my head against the leather and pushed my ass up in the air as high as I could. He laughed and said, "Good girl." Thankfully I needed no lube. I had so much cum and sweat all over my pussy/ass and guys pushing their fingers in my ass that I was ready to take a cock. Which was good because this guy was pretty big. He took my hair and pulled my head back really hard as he slid his cock inside my ass. Immediately he started pounding away in my ass. Thankfully it did not take him long before he unloaded all inside me. He pulled away and said, "My God you are a slut." I took it as a compliment. As he stepped away another guy moved right in and said "Don't fucking move." He grabbed my hair and followed the last guy by shoving it right in my ass! After the guys knew my ass was fair game I had several more fuck my ass, and then while I was riding a guy in my pussy, someone bent me over and slid in my ass and for a while I got DP! Over the next hour or so I'd guess I got fucked by another 7-8 guys, maybe more.

By this time it was well after midnight and I was scared my boyfriend would wake up and find me missing. There were still 20-30 guys left in the theater (several had already fucked me though) but I said my goodbyes, which got a big groan from the crowd. In the bathroom outside the theater I cleaned up what cum I had on me (it was surprisingly little cum on me, and amazingly huge gobs of cum draining down both legs from my pussy and ass.) I cleaned up as best I could and headed back to the motel. I was all the way to the door when I realized the fatal flaw in my plan. I had not taken a room key with me! I was in a cover-up, it had no pockets or anything and I didn't even think about it! Now I was frantic again because if I had to wake up my boyfriend he'd know something was up. While I wasn't drenched in cum, I'm sure it was still obvious I'd just been fucked. Then I thought, maybe the front desk clerk can help! I knew I looked a mess but I didn't care. I walked in the lobby and told him I'd walked out of the room without my key and I didn't want to wake my boyfriend. He just stood there staring at me. I looked down and could see cum streaks down both of my legs. He kinda laughed and said, "I'll bet you don't want to wake your boyfriend! Took a little trip across the street, did we?" I laughed and said, "Yes, I wanted to check it out." He smiled and said, "That's hot...can I get a blowjob for giving you another room key?" LOL. I shrugged, figuring what the hell is one more blowjob after I've just been fucked by roughly 30 guys and blew God knows how many more! He opened the door to the counter area and sat down in his desk chair. I got on my knees and undid his pants and started sucking him. It didn't take him long before he was hard, and then even less time to say "I want to fuck you, stand up and turn around." I stood up and leaned over his desk and he lifted my dress. Before he put his cock in me he must have noticed all the cum and said, "Holy Shit, exactly how many guys did you fuck over there?" I said, "I don't know..30 or so." He said, "Are you fucking kidding me? And you let them all cum inside you?" I said, "Yep." We stood there for a few seconds and I thought maybe that he'd changed his mind after seeing my pussy...but then I felt his cock slowly sink inside me! We fucked for a good 15 minutes or so before he finally said he was going to cum, and then shot yet another load deep inside me!

He tucked his cock away and made me another key for the room. Whew! I got back to the room and slowly opened the door to find my boyfriend still sleeping. I crept into bed and pulled the covers up and I was home safe! Until my boyfriend rolled over to spoon me and I could feel his cock start to grow. He does that a lot where when we're sleeping he'll spoon against me, especially if he's having sex dreams or the sort, and then he'll start rubbing it on me and next thing I know his cock is in me. But he's usually still so half-asleep when he does it I hoped he wouldn't notice anything different about my pussy. Apparently I miscalculated exactly how much cum was inside me, and how innate his ability is to notice changes in my pussy. Because he immediately woke up and said, "Oh my God, are you full of cum?" Apparently it had gushed out everywhere. I was busted!

I immediately confessed that I had to go try out the theater and that I had every intention of just going to check it out because I couldn't sleep but then things happened. I thought he would be furious, but he said that it was OK since that was our original plan and he knew how badly I'd wanted to go. I did downplay how many guys it was, and told him it was just like 9-10 guys. LOL. He fucked me for a while and then added yet another cumshot to my pussy. As he rolled over I said, "Are you sure you're not mad at me?" He said, "No, it's cool, no worries." So I said, "Um, well can I go back? There were still a lot of guys over there but I was worried you'd be mad so I came back to the room." He laughed and said, "It's fine, if that's what you want to do, go ahead."

I nearly leaped out of bed and sprinted back across the street! It was after 1am at this point, but it was a Friday night so there were still guys coming and going from the theater. Couples time was over and now both theaters were open to everyone. I hadn't gone in the right theater the first time so I decided to check it out. It looked identical to the first theater. There were probably 20 or so single guys there and I noticed two couples. They were playing on the back sofa just with themselves and lots of guys were watching, jerking off, but not touching. I walked right up to a guy watching the couples and knelt down in front of him, took his cock in my mouth while reaching out with both hands to stroke the guys on either side of him! Within seconds I was surrounded again, and loving it! Now I had my boyfriend's permission to be a slut!

For the next hour and a half or so I bounced around from sofa to sofa, one theater to the next, out to pee, talked to the guy at the register, then back to the theaters, etc. It was a way more relaxed crowd than when I went in earlier that night, and everyone struck up conversations with me and it was a fantastic time. By around 3am or so I was considering heading back to the hotel. I'd probably fucked another 15 or so guys on my second trip and I was feeling a bit tired and the place was really thinning out. I was talking to the guy at the register again and he said there's always a rush of guys that come in around 3:30. He said there was some big plant within a mile of there and after shift change there wouldn't be any bars open so a lot of guys bring beer and alcohol to the theater and hang out. I was tired, but figured, what the hell, I was there to fuck, why not wait! I spent the next half an hour or so fucking only a couple of other guys and mostly just watching the movies chatting with some guys that stuck around after fucking me.

And then sure enough, the register guy was right. Right about 3:30 it started to fill up again. Guys were bringing in coolers with beer and liquor and all chatting, etc. They all seemed super friendly and after noticing me, they all started offering me drinks, etc. As many of you know, I LOVE me some fireball and it just so happened that one of them brought some! A long while passed though while no sex happened. Guys kept trickling in until it was about 30 guys. They all chatted with each other, me, offering me shots, etc. Then one of the guys said we should re-arrange the furniture. They aligned the couches in a big circle instead of facing the screen. They all sat on the sofas and told me I should go around the ring. Everyone pulled their cocks out and I went around the circle of guys, blowing them all one by one. If they were holding liquor they'd pour some down my throat as I climbed up to suck them. After making a complete round the guys were having me ride them backwards, so I was facing the inside of the circle. Other guys would stand up next to me and give me drinks, and play with my tits, etc. and then they'd yell "Next!" and I'd hop up and ride the next guy. After the second round it became less structured and now the guys were just fucking me every which way. One of them asked if they could fuck my ass, to which I said, "Of course." and then from there it was DP only. From whatever time it was, 4ish or so, until 6ish or so, I had cock in all three holes the entire time! Over that time the guys said goodbye, and one by one slowly disappeared.

By this point I was extremely drunk, sore, and tired, and figured I'd call it a night, finally. But, the curious slut inside me made me take one more glance into the other theater. And was greeted to the site of another girl being surrounded by guys! I walked over and she invited me to join her on the sofa. She said she wasn't bi, but would love to share. To be honest...I don't really recall this part very well. It was late, I was drunk, and everything kind of went fuzzy. I remember fucking a handful more guys and I vaguely remember at one point looking back at the guy fucking me and realizing it was the guy working the front counter earlier. The next thing I realized was it was 7am! My boyfriend wanted to leave by 8am so I had to get going!

I walked out the front door and was nearly blinded...the sun was up! I'd been fucking all night long! I guestimate it had to have been at least 50 guys and that's probably a really low estimate! Walking across the motel parking lot some girl passed me, looked at me, and then said "OH. MY. GOD." I got to our room and thankfully my BF was still sleeping. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and understood why that girl was freaked. I was covered in cum. Mostly all dried, cracked sperm, but my hair was going in about 7 different directions, my dress had cum stains all over it, and I had two huge cum tracks down both legs, dried and still fresh! I immediately jumped in the shower! Within seconds I heard my boyfriend come in and he asked me how long I'd been up. I said not long. He asked what time I got back from the theater. I told him some guys were giving me shots of Fireball so I didn't really remember! I don't know if he'd been mad, but I didn't want to tell him I'd spent the entire night there getting fucked.

Once we got in the truck and got on our way I realized my pussy and ass were on fire! They had both taken a severe beating and now felt like it! I was actually worried that I'd not be able to fuck at the theater at our next stop! Thankfully, I was so exhausted that I was able to drop off to sleep, and when I finally woke up, we were already at our next stop and my pussy felt great! On to another adventure!