The Theater

From the first moments of coming up with my bucket list, I had "sex in an adult theater" right up at the top. I had never even seen one, much less been in one, so I had no clue what to expect or what I was even getting into. All I knew was the fantasy in my head and how I'd played it out a hundred times while masturbating. So you can imagine my excitement when on a road trip my boyfriend saw a sign for an adult theater and we swerved off the road to pull in!

I was actually dressed for comfort for the drive, not sex, but thankfully I had clothes in a bag in the trunk and my boyfriend hopped out to grab the bag as I started throwing off my clothes to change in the car! In my bag I had a super short black skirt and a thin white button down top that I like to wear with several buttons undone over a sexy bra (the shirt is super thin so you can see right through it, which makes it sexy with the right bra.) For this situation, I decided to leave the bra off! In my fantasy I had on thigh-highs but I didn't have any with me, so this would have to do. I was nervous, but ready to go and my boyfriend took me by the hand and led me into the theater.

We bought two tickets and as we walked through the lobby area a guy came up to us and told my boyfriend that there were no cameras allowed in the theater. As he went back out to drop the camera in the car I popped in through the main door into the theater just to check it out and let my eyes adjust. It actually looked a lot closer to a real theater than I had imagined in my fantasy. They were showing a gangbang video (my favorite) so I immediately thought this was a good sign that I was bout to have a good time! Finally my eyes were starting to adjust to the extreme dark and before I even had a chance to look around I noticed there was a guy sitting just three seats away from the aisle. He had his cock in his hand, pumping slowly, and staring straight at me! I had no idea what type of protocol there was for approaching guys in an adult theater...or if there even was any! I smiled at him while trying to think of some way of talking to him or approaching him. Thankfully, he took initiative and made it clear that he was interested in me joining him. He slunk down in the seat so that his cock was more accessible and just held it by the base so that it stuck straight up. He was still staring straight at me but now gave a little smile and a wink as he held his cock up for me. Even though there was plenty of room I shuffled towards him facing the screen and my back to the seats, as if I was in a normal theater and shuffling through a crowd to get back to my seat (habit, I guess!) It actually worked out well though because when I got close to him he reached up and pulled my skirt up. Of course I had no panties and when I finally got directly in front of him he just pulled me down into his lap. My pussy had started getting wet from the moment I saw the theater sign, and by now I was dripping. I needed no foreplay, which is good because this guy certainly wasn't interested in any. He pulled me right onto his cock which slid all the way to the base inside me. It was a bit of an awkward position for me because I had very little leverage, but that was fine because he did all the work. He had his hands gripped on both sides of my hips and pushed me slowly up his cock and pulled me back down. This part was exactly how I'd fantasized about it. Fucking some complete stranger, facing a screen watching porn, no words exchanged! I could now see several other guys in the theater (it was actually rather crowded) but because I was in the back row, not a single one noticed me. My boyfriend obviously did, and as I glanced around I noticed that he had sat down a couple of chairs in on the other side of the aisle. He had his cock out and was watching me, stroking himself. I smiled at him and he smiled back and gave me a thumbs up! The guy behind me whispered that he was about to cum. I think maybe it was a warning in case I didn't want him to cum inside me. But I did! And within seconds he was shooting a load deep in my pussy. He pulled me tight onto his lap as he spasmed in me and held me there for several minutes while his dick went soft inside me. Finally he let go of the death grip on my hips and I stood up. Cum drooled out of my pussy and down my legs and I pulled my skirt down. I didn't even look back at the guy I'd just fucked and he didn't saw a word as I walked away. I'd just fucked a complete stranger without either one of us saying a single word!

I walked over to tell my boyfriend how awesome he was for letting me do this. He saw me walking to him and said, "You're not done already, are you?" I said, "Hell no, I'm just getting started!" I gave him a kiss and turned back toward the screen. I decided where I needed to be was the exact center of the theater! In my fantasy I had walked around from cock to cock very similar to what I did with the first guy. But I decided for this real encounter I was going to change tactics. I wanted to see if the guys would come to me! So I walked down the aisle closer to the center of the theater, found a row with no one sitting in it, and turned and walked to the middle. I didn't make any direct eye contact with anyone, and I turned to face the screen and made a big production of pulling my skirt up over my hips so anyone behind me would see what I was doing. Then I sat in the seat, put both legs in the space between the seats in front of me..and proceeded to sink 2 fingers in my pussy to fuck myself while watchng the gangbang video!

Thankfully, it took less than a minute before some guy walked down the aisle, turned in my row, and walked up and sat right next to me. I kept watching the movie and without saying a word he reached over and started running his hands up and down my legs. As he got closer and closer to my pussy I pulled my fingers out so he could take over. Just as he as sliding a finger in my pussy I noticed something over my right shoulder. Someone from the row behind me had walked over and was standing behind me...cock hard and basically hitting me right in the head! I turned my head around and was the perfect height for him to slip his cock in my mouth! It wasn't really a good angle but he reached down and pulled my head against his cock and started throat fucking me. The guy that had been fingering me had actually moved between my legs on the floor (I'm sure that had to be gross!) and was licking my pussy. I was too busy having my mouth fucked to tell him that some guy at the back of the theater had already unloaded all inside me! He either didn't notice or didn't care! The guy fucking my mouth started to moan and I could tell he was about to cum. I wanted it on me though so I pulled away from his cock (which was tough since he had both hands on my head and was pulling me into him roughly.) I told him to shoot it on my face. He immediately grabbed his cock and stroked it a million miles an hour. Seconds later he was flinging cum everywhere, mostly directly to my face. Some went up into my hair and the last spasms went more on the seat than on my face!

He only had a few seconds to admire his handy work though. The guy that had been licking me, pulled me by my thighs so that I was much lower in the seat. I turned to see what was going on and saw him stand over me. He put his hands on the arm rests and slowly got in position to get his cock in me. I reached down to guide him in and when I felt his cock I could feel a condom on it. As I guided it to my pussy I reached down with my other hand and slipped the condom back off of him. I wasn't even sure he noticed that by the time the tip of his cock had reached my pussy, the condom was laying on the floor! He pushed all the way inside me and leaned in to get a better angle. I could actually see over his shoulder and saw that another guy had come up to a seat in the row in front of us and was watching me get fucked. I couldn't actually see him doing it, but I was certain he was jerking off. I looked to the right (the guy fucking me had his head over my left shoulder, so I couldn't see left) and saw that my boyfriend had come up to get a better seat. He was sitting on the same row but all the way down in the last seat. He was still stroking his cock, watching me as the guy fucked me. A minute or so later the guy fucking me moaned and started spasming inside me. He never mentioned that he was going to cum or ask if he could cum inside me, but I remembered that I had slipped his condom off and he probably had no idea. That suspicion was confirmed when he pulled out and noticed there was no condom. He started to apologize and I laughed and said it was fine and that I wanted the cum inside me anyway. He made a goofy little smile and then pulled his pants up and slinked away. I think he was embarrassed that he'd cum inside me.

From the position I was in, which was way down in the chair, it was perfect for holding his cum in my pussy. So I reached down and put a couple of fingers in me, scooped out some cum, and raised it up to my mouth and licked my fingers clean. The guy watching from the row in front of me smiled and then asked if he could join me. I said sure! He hopped over the seats in front of me just as another guy was edging past my boyfriend and walking towards me. The guy that had jumped the seats raised the arm rests of my seat and said I should get on my knees facing sideways. I didn't even know the arm rests went up. Now that I had plenty of room I did as the guy suggested and got on my knees on the seat. He climbed on the seats behind me to fuck me doggy style. I looked back to watch him enter me and he smiled at me and said, "Don't worry, I'm not putting on a condom." I laughed, knowing that he'd caught that whole thing earlier, and watched him get up next to me. But just as he was about to enter me my head was spun around by the guy that had been walking down the row past my boyfriend. He turned my head towards him and shoved his cock deep down my throat. At the same time I felt the guy behind me slide into me and he must've been really huge because it filled me as he entered me. I had plenty of lube (from the previous cumshots) or it may have hurt me as he shoved it in me! I now had cock in me at both ends and both of them were fucking me so hard it was shoving me back into the other. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing when I felt someone take my left hand and place it on a cock. Someone else had jumped the seats and was standing beside me. I'm sure I did a terrible job of jerking him off though because of how much I was being shoved forward and backwards by the two cocks fucking me. The guy fucking me from behind must have been close while watching me before because he was already gripping my hips and pounding into me and crying out that he was cumming. I felt him stop and pull out but I couldn't look back because of the guy fucking my mouth and the guy standing beside me. Within seconds I felt someone else climbing up behind me and felt another cock slowly work into my pussy! I nearly orgasmed on the spot because I couldn't even see this guy and had no clue who it was or what he looked like! The guy that I had been stroking took my hand away, which was nice because now I could prop myself up with two hands again. He moved closer to my face and so I took turns letting one of them fuck my mouth, and then I'd turn so the other could fuck my mouth. This went on for several minutes. The guy that had been fucking me from behind had stopped and pulled out. I assume he came, but I had no clue if he'd cum inside me or pulled out or even if he'd cum at all. The guy I'd been stroking first and sucking now also unloaded at that same time. I wasn't able to pull away from him though and his first several spasms went straight down my throat. He then pulled away as he was still cumming and several gobs of cum drained out of my mouth and onto the seat below me!

Before someone else had a chance to get up behind me, the guy that I'd been sucking sat in a seat and had me sit on his cock facing away from him. From this angle I finally noticed that I was completely surrounded by guys! I couldn't even see my boyfriend anymore. It was a little scary and I started to stand back up to make sure he was there, but before I could another guy was standing next to me and putting my hand on his cock. The guy under me was doing most of the work, very similar to the first guy I fucked. Another guy came up beside us and he stood on the seats so that his cock was at the right height for my mouth.

From here on out everything was chaotic. Guys pulling me one way or another, putting me on my knees, bending me over the seats, having me ride them facing them (which had me finally orgasming since that position rubs my clit) or away from them. Cocks in my hands, cocks in my mouth! Cum flying everywhere! I honestly could not even take a wild guess as to how many guys fucked me. (OK, I'll try...ten maybe?) And I probably could have stayed there fucking all night, but I knew we had to get back on the road. After dozens of cumshots the guys were starting to thin out anyway and once there was a lull in the action I told the guys that were still watching that I needed to get going. I could actually see my boyfriend again and he had his cock back in his pants. I walked over to him and asked why he wasn't playing with his cock anymore and that I was going to come fuck him last. He laughed and said he had fucked me about half an hour earlier while I was busy sucking someone else. LOL, I had no idea! We walked up the aisle to leave the theater and several guys clapped and cheered as I left. Now that I was walking, cum was gushing out of me and draining down both legs. I said I should go check myself in the bathroom before we left. I saw myself in the mirror and nearly fell over! I had no clue that that many guys had cum on me. I knew that a lot of them came inside me, but I clearly wasn't paying attention to all the cum flying! My shirt was drenched. It had been ripped apart so that all the buttons were missing (another moment I clearly missed) and I had cum all down my chest and belly. My face was covered with fresh cum and dried, cracked cum from the earlier cumshots. And my hair was knotted in a cum dried mess! I laughed for several minutes in the bathroom and then realized I must have seemed like a crazy person laughing alone in a bathroom. I thought about trying to clean up...but then figured, fuck it. I walked on out into the lobby, said goodbye to the ticket checker (who gave me a full glance over and a big smile) and we continued on our trip! Clearly something I want to repeat again and again in the future!

Update May 2013: I wrote this piece of erotica over a year from this date! I never really expected to follow through with something like this even though it has been in my fantasies a lot. Well, it happened. For real! It did not go quite as this erotica story did, but it was still very similar! But instead of being hesitant when I first walked in, I saw the first guy stroking his cock and just ran towards it and got on my knees! It also wasn't very crowded. I guestimate that I sucked and stroked maybe 8 guys total...but only three fucked me. But it kicks this story's ass really happened! My boyfriend finally dragged me out of the theater at 4:30am and I still wanted more! I had cum dripping down both legs but that was the only cum on me. I most definitely plan to do it again next time I am in Vegas. It was the most fun I've ever had!

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