Spring Break

I live in a resort town that has a pretty big spring break season. From March to April the city is normally crowded with college kids, which means lots of eye candy! I love that the stores are full of shirtless college guys and the beach bars are always packed! Unfortunately, I've never had much luck picking them up since, well, I'm 40ish, and they are mostly here to find college aged girls. That changed this past weekend! It was a nice Sunday afternoon and I was supposed to meet my boyfriend and a few other friends at a bar with an outdoor patio for some afternoon cocktails. I was running late though because I needed to shower and then wasn't sure what to wear and, well, I was still pretty hung over from the Saturday night bar hopping! Since it was afternoon drinking I didn't really dress up, I just threw on a jean skirt and a pink t-shirt and headed on my way. On the way to the bar I swung by a liquor store near the lake to pick up some Fireball for later that night. It was near the tail end of Spring Break so the store wasn't that crowded. Most of the breakers had gone back to school but there were a few stragglers here and there. I ran in and got the Fireball and on my way back out to my car a guy was standing behind it struggling to keep a styrofoam cooler from falling apart and gathering up a few cans of beers he had dropped. He was having no luck though since the cooler was already cracked and now was basically falling apart. He saw me approaching and smiled, even though he was probably mad as hell! He said "Fucking cooler." and apologized for blocking my car. I told him no problem and helped him pick up a couple of cans that were now rolling under my car. He said he was staying out on the island and his friends sent him to the store for beer but he didn't realize how far the walk was and now he was fucked trying to carry all of it back to the resort. He was young, buff, topless and cute...but I would have helped him anyway (I swear!) I popped my trunk and told him to set the cooler in there and I'd give him a ride to the resort. He smiled again and said that would kick ass. We finally managed to gather up all the beer he'd spilled out of the broken cooler and headed onto the island.

As we drove he introduced himself as Todd and explained that he and his friends were down from Idaho and had decided to stay longer because one of them got hooked up with a houseboat. One of the resorts out here has really nice houseboats that are expensive and hard to get since there are only a few of them, so I understood how that could make them want to stay. I pulled into the resort and drove around the side where the houseboats were. I expected to see a huge group of kids partying on the deck, but it looked empty. I popped the trunk and since beers were now everywhere I gathered up as many cans as I could to help him carry them to the boat. Once inside he threw the cooler into a sink and I stacked the few beers I was carrying into the ice. The boats are really nice and have full living room areas and kitchens, complete with a fridge, so I was a little confused why he didn't just get a case of beer or whatever and then wait to put it in the fridge when he got back to the boat. I started to head back out to the car when Todd said "Not so fast. You need to at least have one beer for helping me out." I told him I was supposed to be meeting my boyfriend and I was more of a rum girl anyway. He smiled and said I was in luck. He opened a cabinet in the kitchen and pulled out a huge bottle of rum. He asked what my mixer of choice was and I told him any kind of soda. He mixed up a rum and coke (which was very heavy on the rum and very light on the coke) and handed it to me. He said, "I noticed you carrying the bottle of Fireball out of the store, so I know you like Fireball." He opened the freezer and pulled out a bottle and poured two shots. I was already hungover and still half drunk so the shot immediately put me back in a good place!

Todd said he should give me a tour of the boat. I had been on a couple of the houseboats before but I said OK and he began leading me around the boat. Part of the tour included the small bedrooms and when he opened the door to one of them a guy was laying on the bed on his phone. Todd introduced him as Jay and Jay nodded hi. More of the tour included the back deck and then up the stairs to the top deck of the boat. When we reached the top I was immediately greeted by a fully naked guy laying on a deck chair. Todd said, "Dude, really?" The new guy (who was later introduced as Dale) replied, "What the fuck, I wanted to get some tan on my nuts, I didn't know you were bringing someone back with you." He looked at me and said, "Sorry, are you offended by my nuts?" I laughed and said, "No, not at all." He was young, tan, buff, blonde and naked with a huge cock and I couldn't think of a single thing to be offended by! Todd took my hand and we stepped around Dale for the rest of the tour. The top of this particular house boat had a little tiki bar set up on the top deck. Others had hot tubs. On the other side of the tiki bar was a nice sitting area with comfy couches. We sat down and Todd asked me about myself.

I chatted briefly about myself, Havasu, etc. and Dale had gotten up and gone down below. He came back up a couple of minutes later with a beer. He was still just as naked as he could be and he walked over and sat across from where Todd and I were sitting on a sofa. Todd said, "Seriously, put on some shorts." Dale looked at me and said, "What do you think, do you like a little color on a guy's set?" To be perfectly honest, the thought had never once entered my mind...in fact, I don't think I'd ever even heard of someone purposely tanning their cock or balls! But to play along I smiled and said, "Sure, got to have a little color down there." Dale looked over at Todd and said, "See, that's why you have so much trouble picking up the chicks...your balls are too pale." I laughed and Todd rolled his eyes. Then Dale said, "Show her. We'll let her decide which way looks better." For half a second I thought, "Wow, I'm about to have two college cocks dangling in my face for my inspection...how great is this?!" Unfortunately, Todd balked at the idea of comparing cocks. Thankfully, that didn't stop Dale from jumping up to give me a better look at his! He stood right in front of me, cock dangling merely a foot from my face and asked me what I thought of the trim. He had his pubic hair nearly shaved off with just a little patch of hair right over his cock. He had an enormous cock which was probably why he was so proud of it and wanting to show it around. Even soft I could tell how thick it was and it hung about 7 inches (soft!). He said, "Go ahead, check the balls, perfectly smooth!" Todd said, "C'mon Dude, really?" But now I was all game. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and pulled it from one side to the other inspecting his balls. "Very nice, very smooth." He said, "You can touch them, feel how soft." So I reached up with my other hand to feel how soft they were. I laughed and said, "Yep, very soft." He kept on, "I even rub them with strawberry lotion, taste them." Todd said, "What the fuck, Dale, leave her alone." Dale said, "I'm dead serious, lick one and tell me what it tastes like." I was already holding his cock in one hand and massaging his balls with the other, so I thought, what the hell, I don't even care if they don't taste like strawberries, at least I would have it in my mouth! So I leaned in and licked a ball! And sure enough, it tasted like a hint of strawberry. I leaned back and said, "Wow, it does taste like strawberry." Dale said, "See, I told you. Try the other one." So I leaned in again and licked his other ball, which also tasted like strawberry. I licked it for a few seconds this time and by now I could feel his cock starting to grow a little in my hand. I pulled away and confirmed again that they did, indeed, taste like strawberries. He smiled and looked at Todd and said, "See, you should work on yours and you'll get girls licking your balls on top of house boats!" He looked down at me and said (while half laughing), "I rub a little on the tip too if you want to try that!" Todd said, "No you don't." Dale said, "I know, I just wanted to see if she'd put my cock in her mouth!" By now it was semi hard and even though I had taken my hands off of it, it was now poking almost straight at me! So I leaned in again and popped the head in my mouth. It was so thick that I had to open really wide just to get it in! I slowly slid down his shaft so that his cock was actually in my throat. I'm not that great at deep throating, but sometimes I can get a lot in there. Both Todd and Dale went "Whoa" when I did it! I stroked with one hand while I sucked as much of it as I could and within seconds he was fully erect and just huge. I leaned back again but this time I lifted my butt off the seat a little so I could hike up my skirt, exposing my pussy (I never wear panties anymore.) I leaned back and spread my legs. I was soaking wet from all the excitement so I didn't need any lube, even though the guy was a freakin' mutant. He looked down at me and said, "It's that easy, huh?" I smiled and said, "Yep." He said, "I think I have condoms in my room downstairs." I said, "Just put that in me now!" He laughed and said, "Well OK then!"

Dale leaned over me to position his cock at my waiting pussy. I was soaking wet but once he started working the tip in me, I knew it was going to be a tight squeeze! It took him a good minute or so of working back and forth to finally get about half of it inside me! He was just getting into a good rhythm when he stopped and told me I should flip over on my knees to make it easier for him to get inside me. He pulled away and I scrambled to get on my knees so he could get that cock back in me! I was now leaning over the back of the seat cushion, which gave me a great view of the lake! My mind actually drifted away from what was happening for about a second until I felt that huge log of a cock splitting me apart as he re-entered me! Dale started pounding the daylights out of me from behind and I was almost scared I was going to fall over the rail of the boat! Todd got up and walked back downstairs, which I thought was kind of odd. I had pictured a nice little college guy gangbang, but oh well, I was just going to get one huge college cock! As Dale pounded me a boat for the resort pulled up next to us. Some people all hopped off onto the docks and a couple noticed me leaning over the rail and waved. Surely they had to see that I was getting hammered from behind but not a single one stopped or gawked! After several more minutes of pounding me from behind he said I should lay on my back on the cushion. He pulled away and I flipped over again, this time laying lengthwise so he could lay over me on the seat. He slid up between my legs and entered me again. This time he took his time and slowly slid his cock in me, then all the way out of me. While he was fucking me I noticed Jay walk up beside us. Dale looked over and Jay just shook his head. He said, "Todd told me you were already fucking this girl but I had to come up to see it to believe it." He watched for just a few seconds and then headed back downstairs. Dale went a few more minutes and then leaned in and whispered that he was about to cum and where did I want it. I said, "Oh God, fill me please!" A few seconds later he moaned and since his cock was so thick I could actually feel the spasms of cum shooting deep in my pussy! After he shot all inside me he slumped over me and laid on top of me for a couple of minutes. By the time he got off of me he was already semi soft and the cum gushed out of me when he stood up. It must have been a huge load because there was cum all over the seat cushion. He walked over to the tiki bar and grabbed a towel off the bar. He wiped up a bit and handed it to me so I could wipe up. He said, "Thanks, that was awesome." and then headed downstairs. I pulled my skirt down and leaned back on the seat and picked up my drink. I had barely even had a sip out of it before all that started. So I figured I'd enjoy the view, have my drink, and then go find my boyfriend so I could tell him how dirty I'd been!

It was a long while (I had actually finished my drink) before Todd returned upstairs. He did not seem very happy and was mumbling to himself. He had two beers and he chugged one of them and threw the can so that it landed on the stairs and toppled down to the lower area. He sat on the seat across from me and said, "He always fucking does that. I feel like I'm setting something up and he swoops in and ruins everything." I smiled and said it was fun and that he didn't ruin anything. I spread my legs so that he could see up my skirt and said, "You can go now if you want!" He said, "Sloppy seconds to Dale? No telling where that cock has been, and while your offer is very tempting, I don't think I could." I said, "Well, you could fuck my ass. He wasn't in there. He immediately went from a pissy mood to intrigued. He said, "Really? You do anal?" I said, "Sure, whip it out!" He said that he wasn't as outgoing as Dale and wouldn't be able to stay hard on the top of the boat. So I said we should go downstairs to one of the bedrooms. He stood up and took my hand and we walked downstairs to the lower level. He took the first door inside and it was a small bedroom with a single bed. Easily enough room for some anal though! I got on my knees as Todd undid his shorts. From all the talk back and forth earlier, I was expecting Todd to have a small penis, but when he dropped the shorts to the floor I was facing yet another big cock. I looked up and said, "What the hell, why were you feeling ashamed of this?" He said he doesn't feel ashamed, he just hates how Dale always brags about his. I told him his was perfect and went to work getting him hard! I was going to need a lot of lube for this to get in me anal, so while I was sucking and stroking him I was also spitting on my fingers and reaching under me shoving them in my ass. Once he was fully hard I felt like I had lubed myself enough and stood up to kneel on the bed. It was the perfect height for my ass to his cock and he slowly slipped inside me. The slowly part ended as soon as he got all the way inside me. For the next 5 minutes or so he jackhammered my asshole like there was no tomorrow! He had my face shoved into the bed and all his weight on me as he pounded into me. There was no warning for the cumshot or any words, he just kept the same pace (which was breakneck speed) and then suddenly stopped and pulled out. I reached back and slid a finger in me and felt his cum. I pulled the finger out and licked his cum off of it. I turned to smile at Todd while licking his cum off my finger and realized he had already yanked on his shorts and had disappeared!

Just for good measure I dipped my finger in my ass and scooped out a little more cum to eat. Then I climbed off the bed just as Jay was walking into the bedroom. Before I could say a word he already had his cock out and said, "I don't want to fuck, I just want to cum down your throat." So I dropped back to my knees and went to work! Of the three of them, Jay actually had the smallest cock. But that meant I was able to deep throat him no problem. He was also the fastest. It was maybe 4 minutes of blowjob before he was firing cum down my throat! And as quickly as it began, it was over. He tucked his cock back in his shorts and walked out of the room.

I stood up and got myself straightened up. By the time I left the bedroom I didn't see any of the guys. I helped myself to one of the beers in the sink and sat down on the couch trying to clear my head before going to meet my boyfriend. I was now nearly two hours late to meeting him and I wasn't sure if he'd be angry or not that I'd kinda blown off our earlier plans to get fucked by college kids! Or that I was draining cum from my pussy and ass and I'm sure my breath smelled of cum! I finished up my beer, dipped my finger in my pussy one last time to taste the cum inside me, and went off to find my boyfriend!