SlutWeek 1B
We had arrived at a bar that SlutMaster (SM) knew of. I don't want to say the real name of the bar, so I'll just call it Jim's Bar. LOL. I sent a TXT off to my boyfriend letting him know where we were. SM opened the trunk and got my clothes and popped in the back of the limo. He handed me the bag and said I should change. I sat back on the seat and slid off my red lingerie outfit and put on the skirt, pink shirt and thigh-highs that we'd bought at the store. Even though I'm not good in heels, I slipped them on and hoped I wouldn't fall on my ass! SM gave me the once over and decided I looked how I should look. And we exited the limo and went in Jim's.

It was a pretty dark but fairly big bar and looked mostly like any other dive bar. SM seemed to know the bartender (and, well, pretty much everyone else there), so I'm guessing he came here often enough. We may have been back near his house, I didn't pay attention while we were driving. Thankfully the place had a kitchen because I was starving. We sat at a table and ordered food. While eating nothing eventful happened. I looked around for my boyfriend and finally located him in the bar. At one point I excused myself to go to the bathroom and met up with him to tell him about earlier in the day. He was bummed he missed it, but was happy I was having a really good time! I told him I had no idea what SM had in store for me at the bar, but it was probably going to be good considering how the day had gone so far! I went back to my table and finished my meal.

During the meal SM had bought several drinks and clearly several people in the bar knew him because they came up to chat and he bought several rounds where he handed out drinks to others in the bar. I was actually starting to get a bit loopy! After dinner the first thing SM did was reach over and unbutton a couple of the top buttons on my shirt. The thing was already VERY low cut, even with all buttons done! The shirt fit perfectly over my new D cups and with the two buttons undone, you could almost see my nipples. Not that it mattered, the shirt was so see-through you could see them anyway! SM told me my first command in the bar was to go ask the guys playing pool if I could play the winner. And then I was instructed that I had to purposely lean over the table seductively, allowing the guys to notice I had no panties on, or have my shirt fall low enough to see my tits! Easy enough!

I took my drink and went over to the pool table and just point blank asked them if I could take on the winner. They smiled and said sure. I saw that SM got up and moved down into the pool area and sat on a big sofa at the other end of the room next to some other guy. He motioned for me to come over to him, so I did. He introduced me to some guy named Jim and said he was a manager at the bar. SM reached out and lifted up my skirt to show Jim my pussy. Jim smiled and said it was nice and smooth (I'm completely shaved.) He reached out and brushed his hand over my pussy as if to feel how smooth I was and said "nice!" One of the guys from the pool table came over and said I was up if I wanted to play. SM dropped my skirt and motioned for me to go. I am really bad at pool, but I figured the point was to show off, not actually win. So I spent the game bending way over for my shots, showing everyone behind me that I wasn't wearing panties...and everyone in front of me I wasn't wearing a bra! The guys flirted with me a little while I shot. While my opponent was taking his turns I would sit on the lap of the guy watching. He would reach around and rub my legs and a couple of times I thought he was going to be bold and reach under my skirt...but he never did. While seated I made sure I spread my legs so everyone watching knew I wasn't wearing panties! The guy shooting against me took it easy on me, but obviously still won.

After the game I was still sitting on the guy's lap and he was just starting to get a bit more bold when a waitress came over and interrupted us. She said the manager needed to see me in his office immediately. I got up and she led me across the bar to a door and said I should just go in. I opened the door and entered the office and shut the door behind me. Jim was sitting at a desk and he smiled and said to come over to his desk. I walked over and he said he wanted to get a better look at my shaved pussy! He lifted up my skirt and again ran his hands across it like he'd never even seen a shaved pussy before! He asked me to have a seat on his desk! He was sitting in a chair that made his head perfect level for licking my pussy! He spread my legs and dove right in! I orgasm really quick from oral and he was really good at what he was doing, so it was only a matter of a minute or so before I was moaning loudly and writhing around on his desk! He stood up, shoving his seat backwards...unzipped his pants and dropped them. He was hard as a rock and wasted no time getting it inside me. I was pretty wet from teasing the guys earlier and from the his cock just slid right in me, no problem. Unfortunately, he had just gotten started when his door flew open and some guy came in. He apologized for the interruption and told Jim that a distributor was here and he needed to speak to Jim directly. Jim let out a few swear words and pulled out. He stared at me while zipping up and said I was not to move an inch while he was gone. He then looked at the other guy that had come in and told him to keep my pussy warm! And then he went out and slammed the door behind him!

As if this were some sort of rehearsed thing, the new guy (never got his name, but I assumed he was an assistant manager or something) walked over, stood between my legs, and unzipped and dropped his pants! He wasn't hard, and he placed my hand on his cock to stroke him. He put a finger in my pussy and swirled it around. I slowly stroked him until his cock was getting harder. He wasn't even fully hard yet when he pushed my hand away and slid his cock in me! He was clearly in a hurry because he was pumping me like a jackhammer! I knew why, but then he spoke up and clarified it. He said he was trying to cum before Jim got back and if he didn't cum in time, would he be able to hook up with me later to finish. I said sure! But Jim was actually gone for several minutes and it was more than enough time for this guy! Within like 2 minutes he was moaning and saying he was going to fill me up. He hadn't even finished cumming when Jim and some other guy burst back into the room. Jim said, "See, I told you she's a slut." The assistant pulled away and cum oozed out of me right onto Jim's desk. The other guy walked around the desk and said, "OK, let me get a look at her." He was an older guy, but he wasn't bad looking. He still had a head full of hair, but it was all gray. He told me to unbutton my top so he could look at my tits. It was only a few buttons, so I undid them and pulled the shirt aside. He smiled and said nice job. I said thanks! He looked over at Jim and asked, "Will she suck my cock?" Jim replied, "Of course." The older guy then asked, "And I can fuck her without a condom?" Jim replied again, "Of course." He looked me over again as if he were in deep thought. Then asked, "Can I cum on her face and take a photo of it on my phone?" Jim replied again, "Of course." He looked at me again...then over to Jim and held out his hand, "OK, you have yourself a deal." They shook hands and then Jim said, "OK, we'll leave you two alone and go unload the stuff."

So there I was, skirt pulled up, dripping cum out of my pussy, now alone in an office with some strange old guy and clearly they had just negotiated some type of business deal using my body as a bargaining chip! I also hadn't seen my Slut Master in a while and wondered whether any of this was his doing or if he had no clue where I was. While I pondered all these things, the old guy had unzipped his pants and was just standing there next to the desk with his cock hanging through the front of his slacks. He hadn't even spoken a word. I briefly considered just walking out...but then thought, "Why do that? Why not make an old dude happy?" I slid off the desk and got on my knees in front of him. He didn't move. So I leaned my head down and took the tip of his cock in my mouth and slowly sucked it deeper into my mouth. He let out a little moan and I could feel him getting hard immediately. I reached up with my hand and slowly played with his balls and stroked the end of his shaft while I sucked and licked on the head. Once he was fully hard I went to town going back and forth on his cock with my mouth, still using my hand to play with his balls and the base of his cock. I sucked him for a good five minutes or more before he finally pulled away. He pulled at my arms like he wanted me to stand...and then spun me around and pushed me forward. I got the hint and bent way over the desk as far as I could. He lifted my skirt completely over my ass and spread my legs a little to get the right height for his cock. He slid into me, but only pumped me for about 20 seconds or so before he pulled out and said, "Oh shit, I'm going to cum, get back on your knees." I spun around and got on my knees but he was already firing cum all over the office floor. He did still have a few spams left and managed to get a little bit of it in my hair and one little splotch on my face. I leaned forward and licked the cum off his fingers and cleaned his cock for him. While I was licking him clean he apologized for being so quick and said that he hadn't been with a woman other than his wife in 23 years! He zipped back up, said thanks, pulled out his phone and snapped a quick photo of me (even though I didn't have much cum on me) and then disappeared back into the bar. I sat around for a couple of minutes, then buttoned up my shirt, pulled down my skirt and decided I should go find my Slut Master.

He was sitting at the bar and when he saw me he motioned me over. He asked if I'd been having a good time and I ran through all the activity in the manager's office. He smiled and said "Good Slut." He got me a drink and while we were sitting there he had me flash the guys across the bar from us a couple of times. When I finished my drink he took me by the hand and led me across the room, pausing a couple of times to have me flash guys or to pull my skirt up in front of people. We were now in front of the men's room and he pushed the door and led me right in. There was a guy standing at a urinal using the bathroom. SM led me into a stall and propped the door open so that it couldn't close. He unzipped and sat on the toilet. His cock was already hard and he motioned for me to spin around facing away from him and sit on it. I hiked up my skirt again and sat back on him as he guided me onto his cock. He had his hands gripped onto my hips guiding me up and down on his cock and I reached out and grabbed the railing in the stall to help. Once I had more control he let go of my hips. He reached his hands up, put them in both sides of my shirt and just ripped it open, spewing the buttons everywhere. I wasn't being loud but the guy in the bathroom clearly knew what was going on, and since the door was wide open, all he had to do was poke his head around and clearly saw me riding SM's cock...and now that I had no buttons, my new D cups were exposed for anyone to see! He stood there watching for a minute or so and I made a "come here" gesture to coax him over. When he was close enough, I undid his pants for him and pulled out his cock. He was semi hard from watching and I went right to work sucking it. SM went back to grabbing my hips so he could push me up and down his cock. The guy in front of me grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth hard. And then without warning he pulled away and shot cum all everywhere. He didn't even touch his cock like most guys do. He just stood there and shot cum all over me. I reached out and grabbed his cock so I could jerk him while he came. By the time he'd finished I had cum pretty much all over my neck and tits. Without saying a word he zipped up and disappeared back into the bar. Then I heard SM's breathing get heavier and he said, "Yeah, take my cum deep you slut." He pulled me down onto his cock and just held me there as he spasmed into my pussy. He held me for a good minute or so before finally pushing me forward and off of his cock. He told me to clean his cock, so I squatted (didn't want to put my knees on the floor!) and licked his cock clean. SM pulled up his pants and then pulled a marker out of his pocket. He pushed me back out of the stall and towards the counter and sink. He leaned down and wrote a bunch of something on my stomach. Under my boobs (which were completely exposed now that the shirt had no buttons) all the way down to where my skirt started. He rolled the skirt up so that it was tucked in itself and my pussy was clearly exposed. Then he informed me that I was not allowed to leave the bathroom until he came back for me. As he left I turned and looked in the mirror. It was a bit hard to read backwards but it said, "I am the bathroom slut. Use me as you will. Cum wherever you want. Please, no condoms in me." I thought, "Oh man, this could be trouble!"

It didn't take long for the sparks to fly either. I had barely just finished reading myself in the mirror when two guys came in the bathroom laughing. I thought it may be something about me until they saw me and were completely shocked. They both looked drunk and one of them said, "Hey, you're in the wrong bathroom." I said, "Nope, I'm not." The other guy had now read the writing on me and said, "Holy shit, is this a joke?" I said, "Nope." He glanced around like he was looking for some sort of hidden camera. The other guy said, "Well, all I know is I really have to pee, so come over here and hold my cock while I pee." I thought he was joking at first but he walked over to the urinal and pulled out his cock and just stood there waiting. So I walked over, reached around him and took his cock in my hands and pointed it towards the urinal. I had never done anything like that before and thought it was kinda neat. Not really erotic in any way, but just interesting to hold it while he peed! After he finished the first guy said, "OK, now do me." and stood on the other side of me at another urinal. So I reached over and took his cock like I'd done for the other guy. While he was peeing the second guy was behind me, groping at my butt and then around me feeling my tits. I could tell he hadn't zipped back up because I could feel his cock pressing against my butt as he groped. When the second guy finished peeing he told me to stroke his cock since I already had my hand wrapped around it. I could feel him getting harder every time I stroked on his cock. Meanwhile the guy behind me was also getting hard. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me away from the urinals. He pointed me towards the mirror and counter and pushed on my back as if he wanted me to lean over the sink. I arched my butt out towards him and propped my elbows on the counter. He got right up behind me and quickly slid his cock in me. Thankfully I was lubed up from all the cum because he didn't take it slow at all! He immediately started pounding into me from behind while the other guy watched, still standing near the urinals. I could hear him occasionally saying, "This is fucking crazy." And then after watching his buddy pound me for several minutes, finally said, "OK man, my turn!" They switched up and the other guy slid inside me. Instead of watching his friend fuck me like the first guy did, he climbed up on the counter beside me and then slid under my head so I could blow him. SM must have slipped in at some point around then because all the sudden he was standing right next to me saying, "Now that's a good little bathroom slut. Take those cocks." He sat down a shot next to me on the counter and said, "When these guys are done with you, you can have this shot. And I'll be back later to check on you." Before walking out the door he turned and said, "By the way, one of you guys do me a favor and cum on her face so she looks messy for the next guys that come in the bathroom." Then he slipped out the door. The guy fucking me said, "I'm going to cum soon, so if you want a facial you should get on your knees." He pulled out and stepped back. I stopped blowing the guy on the counter and looked at the floor. It looked clean here so I got on my knees in front of the guy that had been fucking me. The guy on the counter hopped off and both of them stuck their cocks in my face for me to suck. I reached up with my hand and stroked one as I sucked the other...and then switched off every few seconds. As if on cue both of them pulled away from me at the exact same moment and stroked themselves as they shot all over me. It was a perfect tandem facial. After they both finished cumming they both started laughing again and gave each other a high-five. One of them said, "Oh man, we wrecked this chick!" as he took out his phone and snapped a photo of the facial they had just given me. As they walked out of the bathroom, I stood up and looked in the mirror. They had indeed "wrecked" me! That was two monster facials at the exact same time and my face and hair was a mess from just those two cumshots! I remembered that I had a shot waiting on the counter and didn't even pause to see what it was...I just downed it!

Before I had even put the shot glass down on the counter the door swung open again and another guy walked in. Followed by two more guys...followed by another two guys...followed by three more guys. It was nuts...all the sudden half the guys in the bar were now in the bathroom with me! The first guys to get to me had me get on my knees and blow them. I was only on my knees for less than a minute though before someone lifted me up and bent me back over the counter. And this just got super chaotic from here. Cocks everywhere. Guys one after the other fucking me from behind while others tried to push each other out of the way so I could blow them. Placing my hands on their cocks even if I was using it to hold myself up. For the next half hour or so, there didn't go 5-10 seconds that I didn't have a cock fucking me. Guys were pulling me every which way, into different positions, stalls, over the sink, on the counter, on the floor, everywhere. A lot of it was really rough, and some of the guys weren't very nice, but overall it was a fantastic slutty scene. Guys were all filming it on their phones and taking photos. I barely even saw half the guys that fucked me and there was no way I could even begin to count how many. I even got some brief DP. A guy had me on top of him on the bathroom floor and some other guy came up behind me and entered my ass. Unfortunately, it was brief and no one else ever tried again.

At one point about half an hour or so later it seemed to be slowing down a bit. The guys had me on the back of the toilet in a stall and were coming in just one at a time now. It was like a house-style toilet with a back on it, so it wasn't that uncomfortable. The guys would stand over the toilet part and it was the perfect height to get in my pussy. I had been there a while in that position, so cum was draining out of my pussy and down the top of the toilet! I could still hear several guys in the bathroom so I knew I wasn't close to done! I was now completely nude. Guys had ripped off my shirt and my skirt a while back and I had no clue where they were. The guy that was fucking me had been at it for several minutes now and the comments from outside the stall were for him to hurry the hell up! At one point he just pulled away and walked off...I don't even think he finished. I was pleasantly surprised to see the next guy in line was my boyfriend! He had his cock in one hand and a drink in the other. He knows the drinks I like and I was dying for one, so it was perfect timing. Just like the other guys, he straddled the toilet and sunk his cock in me...and handed me the drink. I took a huge gulp out of it while he fucked me and then leaned in and whispered to him, asking why in the world were there so many guys in the bathroom all the sudden. He said that the DJ had made an announcement that there was a slut in the bathroom taking on all cock and anyone wanting to use her should go to the men's room immediately. Well, that would explain it! I took another big swig of my drink and my boyfriend leaned back as far as he could to get a better look at me. He said I looked hot and slutty and well used. I laughed and said it had been a fun but rough past hour! He said he knew because he saw a lot of it. He said it was amazing to watch and he'd nearly cum a dozen times jerking off watching! Then he said he was going to add another load to my pussy began unloading inside me! He smiled at me and told me to enjoy the rest of my night. I said I knew I would! He said he was going to stick around and have another couple of drinks and pop in to check on me but then he would just meet me back at the hotel. I told him I had no clue how long SM would have me at the bar or what the rest of his plans were and that it may be super late before I got there. He smiled and said "No worries, they are nice tits!"

Unfortunately, that was the major bit of my excitement in the bar. For the next hour or so, I fucked maybe only 6-7 guys that were new guys and 2-3 that had come in for seconds. At one point one of the bartenders came in to pee and mentioned that SM had left the bar like half an hour earlier! I wasn't sure what I should do. He had told me to wait until he came back for me. But if he'd left, then I wasn't going to stick around. I waited another 15-20 minutes, naked in the men's room, and no one had come in. I didn't even have my cell because I'd left it with the stuff in the limo. So finally I just said fuck it, and exited the bathroom, nude, and walked across the bar to the manager's office. The bar wasn't that crowded and most of the people that were there were people that had been in the bathroom with me earlier. A lot of them applauded as I strolled across the bar nude! Of course I got a lot of very strange looks and I realized in my haste that I had not checked myself out in a mirror. I'm sure I was a complete disaster! I made it to the manager's office and...of was locked! My only other thought was to borrow a phone and call my boyfriend to come all the way back out to get me. I turned to go back to the bar when the same bartender that was in the bathroom earlier stopped me and asked me if I was OK. I explained the situation. He said that it was a shift change and he and a couple of other guys carpool and they could give me a lift. I told them the hotel and he frowned...saying it was pretty far. I smiled and said, "Well, then that gives all three of you time to fuck me while we drive there." He laughed and said, "Deal." He looked for something to cover me with but wasn't able to find anything near by. His friends were already out in the car so he just grabbed my hand and led me through the bar again, and right out the front door...naked!

The other guys were waiting right at the front door so I didn't have to walk very far outside naked. We hopped in the backseat and the bartender that had led me out explained to the other guys that they needed to drive me back to my hotel in exchange for them all fucking me. They both turned around to check me out, at first with a look of "Yeah, right" until they saw me and then both smiled and said, "OK then." The guy in the back with me was a really cute white guy and the guys in front were both really cute black guys. Easily the best looking guys of the night, so I was even more excited to have them inside me! The guy next to me had his cock out before we even got out of the parking lot! I sucked him for a while and got him nice and hard. He never pulled me away for sex though and I blew him for probably 10 minutes or more. The car was now stopped and they were getting out. I was confused because we were at some apartment complex. I said, "I thought you guys were giving me a ride to my hotel." The guy in the passenger side in the front said, "No worries, we will. But first we're going to use those sweet holes of yours until you can't take it anymore." When I made the offer, I figured it would all be in the car on the ride up...not at someone's house! But, who was I to argue at this point. They led me from the car up to an apartment, still, obviously, completely naked. What followed was an utter stuffing of my body. For hours they used me all over the apartment. In the living room, in the bedroom, on the floor. Sometimes only one at a time, other times two at once, other times three at once. They double penetrated me in every position they could think of, and even triple penetrated me. One of them would cum and then disappear for a while and then come back, harder than ever. By the time they were drained, the sun was up and I was exhausted. The guy that owned the apartment set me up with a towel and told me I could use his shower. When I got out the other two guys had left. He told me to keep the towel so I didn't have to ride to the hotel nude. He gave me a ride, and it really wasn't all that far, maybe another 15 minutes away. Walking through the hotel in nothing but a towel was a pretty interesting experience...but no one stopped me and I was able to get to the elevator without a room key, which surprised me. Of course I had to bang on the door and wake up my boyfriend to let me in. Thankfully he was happy to see me and not angry that I'd been out until the sun was up fucking. He gave me one last fuck as I recounted the entire story of the day before, blow by blow! He slowly pumped me while listening to the story. Then I slowly drifted to sleep as he fucked...

Stay tuned for Day 2!