SlutWeek Day 1A

I've made no secret of the fact that I really wanted new boobs. I even posted right on my site a story about a guy I met on Yahoo chat who told me he'd buy me new boobs in exchange for being his little fuck toy for an evening. It didn't work out because he wanted me to go DD and I did not want to go that big. But the thought of letting some stranger use me however they wanted in exchange for buying me tits really turned me on! And I masturbated several times to the fantasy of meeting up with him and going through with it.

Thankfully, it wasn't the end of that scenario. About two weeks later someone that read the story on my website contacted me and said they would agree to do it if I got a full D cup and instead of just one night of being his fuck toy, I had to do a full week. 7 days of doing everything he said sexually. Not to be run continuously, because I have to work during the week, but just 7 complete days, one at a time. He said it was a Slut Week and that he would be my Slut Master and I would not be able to say no! The more we chatted the more I felt like this guy was for real and we started making real plans. It was also nice that he was close enough that I could actually drive to the consultation and go through all the procedures without having to leave town for long periods of time (and, obviously, meant I could do my Slut Week easily enough.) And the final result was a beautiful pair of D cups that I'm finally proud to show anyone and everyone that wants to see them! And my adventure began!

My Slut Master informed me before the procedure that his first command was that he was the first one that got to fuck me after my tits had healed. I had met up with him in person many times before this, and while he was a super nice guy, he was not the type of person I would pick to have sex with had we just met in passing at a bar some night. But a deal was a deal! His house was only a couple of hours away and my boyfriend actually dropped me off with the plan to meet us at a bar later. I didn't know which bar but we agreed that I'd send him a TXT as soon as I knew where the second part of my 1st Slut Day was to take place. I was told I didn't need to dress sexy on arrival to the house, so I was in jeans and a cute top. Once the boobs healed I didn't bother with a bra anymore, and my nipples seemed to just stay hard. Needless to say, they were very hard leading up to this day and I could have cut glass with them walking up the drive to the front door! My SM (Slut Master) came to the door completely nude. And fully erect! Apparently he'd been watching porn, waiting for my arrival. He led me through the house (which was really fucking nice) and into a plush bedroom. A huge flat screen on the wall had a gangbang porn running on it. He sat on the bed and told me to take off my clothes. I asked him if he wanted me to dance around and strip, but he said no, just disrobe. He stroked his cock as I took off my clothes. When I was nude he stood up, walked over to me and began massaging my breasts. He said it was a nice job and that he couldn't wait to show them to everyone later.

He had me sit on his bed and he walked next to the bed and told me to suck his cock. I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. He put his hands on the side of my head and jerked me down onto his cock and then pulled me by my hair off his cock, and then pushed me back on it. It was causing me to spit all over his cock, and apparently that's exactly what he wanted. He pushed me back so that I was upright on the bed, and it was a perfect height for him to slip his cock between my new D cups. He told me to push my tits together and he began sliding up and down between my tits. It was my very first titty fuck...ever! About a minute later he started moaning and even though I couldn't see it, I felt his cum shooting up to my neck and draining onto my boobs. When he finished, he told me to lay back on his bed and watch the video and he would be back in a couple of minutes. I rubbed the cum around my tits and it wasn't that much cum. I wondered if he'd been masturbating all day before I got there and was already out of cum!

I leaned back against some really soft pillows and began watching the gangbang porn on the flat screen. I had never seen this particular video before and it was really hot, so I helped myself to my clit while I waited for SM to get back. I must have been way more turned on that I thought because within seconds I brought myself to orgasm! And while waiting, my second and third orgasms! Finally SM re-entered the room. He was hard again, and he climbed up on the bed and got right between my legs. He slid his cock in my pussy and began pumping furiously. A few minutes later he was moaning again and pumped my pussy full of cum. Considering how small the first cumshot was, I doubted he'd cum that much inside me. When he pulled away from me, he told me to go shower and get dressed...we were going shopping!

I didn't realize shopping was part of the plan! I sent a TXT to my BF saying the plans had changed and instead of going right to a bar we were going to go shopping first. He said OK and to let him know when and where we'd be when we get to the bar. SM had us picked up in a limo and we each had a drink while driving to go shopping! We stopped and the limo driver let us out. We were at some strip mall and I'd rather not say what the name of the store was that we went into (to protect the clerk, as you'll see in a few minutes!) It was pretty much 100% stripper clothes and sex toys! We browsed around the store for a bit and SM and the clerk exchanged a few words as if they knew each other. SM held up a top for me to try on. I started to ask where the dressing room was but SM reached over and pulled my shirt up over my head right in the middle of the store! But, to make the story a bit dull, there were zero people shopping at the time. He had me try on the shirt and then decided he didn't like it so took it back off. We walked around the store for several minutes with me completely topless, trying on different tops! He finally settled on a button down top where the buttons started well below my boobs. Even all the way buttoned up the shirt showed great cleavage. It was a pink color, which I love, and was so thin you could pretty much see my tits through it. We were looking at skirts when some guy came into the store. He walked up to the clerk and we could overhear him saying he was looking for some lingerie for his wife but had no clue about sizes or anything like that. SM took me by the hand and led me up to the counter and asked the guy if his wife had a similar body to mine. He examined me for a second and said I was a bit taller than his wife. SM told me to show him my tits so he could compare them. So I pulled up my top and showed him. He said his wife's were slightly smaller. SM told the guy to pick out something he thought his wife might like and he'd have me model it for him. I went back to look at skirts while the guys went off to look at lingerie.

A few minutes later the guys came back with several items of lingerie. I was told I should head back to the dressing room to try them on. I know that in regular places like this you can't be nude to try on panties/lingerie that will go back on the rack. But apparently this clerk didn't care because SM had me leave the dressing room door open and undress right in front of him and the other guy to try on the first piece of lingerie and the clerk never said a word. When I was naked he asked the guy again if my body was close to his wife's and he nodded and said close enough! LOL. There was a ding from someone using the front door of the store and the clerk excused himself. SM and the other guy stayed and watched me put on the lingerie. It was a red two piece thing with a see-through bra and a tiny skirt for a bottom that was also red and see-through. SM had me model it around and told me to go show it to the clerk. Back in the store there was a couple browsing around and the clerk was back behind the counter. I showed him the outfit and he smiled and said it was very hot and I made my way back to the dressing room. The couple didn't even notice me, they were busy doing their own thing. Back in the dressing room SM had me sit down and spread my legs so the guy could see if you could see up the tiny skirt while seated. Of course you could, this thing was more like a belt than a skirt! Then SM had me stand up and twirl around so my ass was facing them and then told me to bend over so we could see what it looked like from the back! I bent way over and the guys both said how nice the view from the back was. SM slipped a finger into my pussy and commented that yeah, that was a perfect outfit for getting fucked from behind. He slipped another finger, then another in me and was actually finger fucking me pretty hard. It didn't feel that great but it was super exciting to be doing this in a store in front of someone else, so I began moaning uncontrollably. SM said, "Yeah, you like that don't you slut?" I replied yes. After a couple more minutes of fucking me with his fingers he pulled out. He told the other guy he should move up behind me and see if that was the height his wife would be at. It didn't make any sense but the guy seemed eager to jump in behind me. He ground on me a little as if simulating sex, so I wiggled my ass against him. He moaned a little and said, yeah, that was a great height for his cock. SM said, "Don't be a pussy, pull your cock out and really try it." Now you all know that I am inexperienced in the ways of swinging, open sex and things like this. But I thought for sure there was absolutely no way this married guy, shopping for lingerie for his own wife, would whip out his cock and fuck a stranger in front of another stranger, in a store. That is...until I felt his cock sink inside me! He had actually pulled out his cock and was fucking me from behind in a dressing room! I orgasmed on the spot! I had just ticked off so many bucket list items! Fucking a married guy...fucking a complete stranger...fucking in a public location...and fucking a stranger bareback...all ticked off the list in an instant! He started out slow, but within seconds was pumping me pretty hard from behind. I put my hands on a bench in front of me to keep from falling over. From that position I could see my purse in front of me and looking down into it, I saw my cell phone. It was that moment that I realized...I had agreed with my boyfriend that I'd be fucking other guys at the bar later where he could watch. I had no idea that I'd be going shopping...much less getting fucked while shopping. I thought about picking up the phone, but the guy was pounding me so hard from behind I couldn't let go of the bench!

I heard SM say, "See, I told you she was going to be a good slut." I looked back and saw SM and the clerk watching as the married guy still pounded away at me from behind. I hadn't even realized he'd left go to get the clerk! SM then said, "Fill that slut's pussy full of cum." The guy fucking me responded, "I'm about to!" And within seconds he gripped my hips and pounded into me so hard I nearly fell over even though I had a tight grip on the bench. He cried out and shot deep in my pussy. He laughed and said, "I hope it works out this great with my wife!" He held his cock in me for a minute or so, still spasming inside me. Finally he pulled out and backed away.

SM told the store clerk to get his cock out and sit down on the bench. The clerk undid his pants and was already hard from the live sex show. He then informed me to sit on the cock facing him and the married guy that had just fucked me. I did as I was told and slowly slid down on the clerk's cock. The married guy still had his cock out and stepped up next to me so I could stroke it hard again. SM took out his cock too and put it in my other as I was bouncing on the clerk I had a cock in each hand! SM was already hard, but the married guy was still soft after cumming in me. SM suggested he put it in my mouth. So he stepped on the bench and got where his cock was level with my mouth. His cock tasted like my pussy and his cum! And in my mouth it didn't take long before he was hard again. SM pulled up the top exposing my breasts and he suggested to the married guy that they both cum on my new tits. SM had already taken his cock in his own hand and was pumping away, but the other guy let me stroke him for a while longer. By the time he took his cock from me to jerk himself off SM was already unloading on my tits. Not really much came out again. But the married guy started to cum and he unleashed a huge load all over me, even though he'd just cum inside me just minutes before! They both stepped back and admired the view of my tits covered in their cum. And the clerk pushed me off his cock and slid out from beneath me. SM asked him why he didn't want to cum inside me. He laughed and said he'd cum in me like 2 minutes ago, but wanted to let everyone finish before moving me!

SM told me to keep the red lingerie on and we completed our shopping while I dripped cum down both legs and cum soaked through the top. The store never got crowded, but a few people saw me and definitely noticed. We finally finished shopping after getting me a really short black skirt, some thigh-high fishnets, some high heel shoes and the pink top. SM said I'd change in the car and we took the new clothes, and my old clothes in bags as I wore this super skimpy lingerie right out of the store! The limo driver held the door open for me and I stepped in. He closed the door and he and SM threw the bags in the trunk. The door opened and instead of SM stepping in, the limo driver stepped in the back. SM went around and got in the driver seat. The partition was down and he looked back and smiled and rolled the partition up! The limo driver just smiled at me and sat next to me on the seat. He pulled out his cock and then pulled my head down into his lap so I could blow him. His cock grew in my mouth...and then kept growing...and growing! By the time he finished getting hard I could barely wrap my lips around the head of his cock! I was going to have a tough time with this one! When he was fully erect he picked me up and pushed me back onto the floor of the limo between the two side seats. He pulled up between my legs and I started to tell him to be gentle, but he put his finger up to his lips like I should be quiet because he knew what he was doing! Thankfully I was already lubed with two recent cumshots! And...he did know what he was doing! He slowly worked his cock in me, just the head at first, and then every slow thrust he slipped more and more inside me. Finally after several minutes he was fully inside me...and I could feel every inch of it! Even though he was pumping me really slowly, every time he was fully inside me, I let out a little gasp. SM had rolled down the partition again and was watching. He must have heard me and wanted to watch! The limo driver quickened his pace a little, causing me to really moan out loud. I'm usually not that loud but for some reason I was really letting go. By the time he was really fucking me hard, I was screaming like crazy. I was really hoping though that he wouldn't make me sore for the later activities. And just as that thought crossed my mind he gripped my waist and thrust into me one really hard time and held still as he unloaded in me. I could feel every single spasm because he was being so still and his cock was so thick. As he pulled out I sat up to check myself out. My pussy was obviously gaping from the size of his cock, and cum was oozing out of it onto the limo floor! It looked like a small pond!

The limo driver poured me a drink and I just relaxed on the floor of the limo with my back up against the seat. I'd been fucked by 4 guys already today, 3 of them complete strangers, and we hadn't even gotten to the main part of the evening! I grabbed my phone and TXT'd my boyfriend that this day was going a lot differently than I'd pictured in my head and that I'd explain later! Then I laid back against the seat, sipped on my drink, and stirred the cum around in my pussy with my finger and decided I needed to bring myself to another orgasm before we got to the bar! I imagined what the rest of the day would be like and immediately felt myself begin to orgasm!

Stay tuned for part 1B!