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  • These are my bucket list items. The un-checked ones are ones I have yet to do. If you would like to help me achieve those items, please email me at sati at arka dot com and let me know! The X'd ones are the ones I have finally done! Click on the checked box to see a photo from that bucket list adventure! I am always coming up with new bucket list items too, and if you have any suggestions for me, email me! Some of these list items can be opened up to full galleries, some just open to individual photos.

    Note: Yes I know that I haven't checked off a lot on this lately. And yes, I am still doing them. However, since I discovered the wonderful, awesome, erotic, heavenly world of being gang fucked, all of these bucket list items have seemed a little less important to me. Of course, I'd love to still get through them all, but when it comes to the weekend and I have the option of trying to meet someone that I've been talking to online and have no clue if they will show down to the porn theater and KNOW that I'll get 5-15 strangers to fuck the bejesus out of's always an easy choice! I'm working a full time job and now my boyfriend works most my play time has been severely limited. So it's always just easier to say, "Take me to the theater to get fucked." than it is to try and arrange something on the list. But believe me, I am still working on it!

    Also...yes, some of these that are unchecked I have clearly done just by being in gangbangs. Yes I have been fucked in the ass by strangers. Yes I have had strangers cum inside me. But some of them I don't have good photos for and am waiting for the "perfect" photo before I "check" the box. Besides...some of them are so fun I want to keep doing them. :)

    The Easy Solo Listings:

    Get a pic of my pussy to show strangers online.
    Have a photo taken of me masturbating with a dildo. (My 1st dildo!)
    Flash my pussy in a bar. (My first time not wearing panties with a skirt.)
    Masturbate outdoors with a dildo (My second dildo!)
    Fuck myself with a dildo in a bar!

    The Tougher Single Guy Listings:
    I do realize that a lot of these overlap. If I meet a guy from CraigsList to fuck and he cums in my pussy, I do realize that counts as a stranger cumming in my pussy, fucking a guy I've known less than a day, etc. But in my head that's not how it works. I want to meet someone specifically for each item to make it more fun. So don't get nitpicky about these list items, just enjoy them!
    Suck & Fuck complete strangers.
    This was one of my main first bucket list items. Until I decided to do this list I had only
    been with guys I was dating, married to, or knew really well. Recently I've had my first
    encounter with someone I didn't know. And so I thought I would break this on down
    into way more specific items to make my list more fun!
    Suck a guy from Yahoo Chat.
    Fuck a guy from CraigsList.
    Fuck a guy I met randomly.
    Fuck a guy I met in a bar.
    Fuck a guy I met from FetLife.
    Fuck a guy I met at a party.
    Fuck a guy I met at a swing club.
    Be photographed after taking a facial.
    Suck a stranger in a men's bathroom.
    I also fucked him in the bathroom but since I don't like to mark off two listings from the same adventure I am not counting this guy as a stranger fucked.
    Fuck a stranger in a men's bathroom.
    Blow a guy at a rest area.
    Fuck a stranger right in a public bar.
    Bonus, some was also in a DJ booth, which was another bucket list item. It was also 8 guys! So technically, I got gangbanged in a crowded bar!
    Fuck a guy at a truck stop or in their semi.
    Blow a stranger in a hotel elevator.
    Get a creampie from a guy I don't know.
    Have a stranger fuck my ass.
    Get fucked by black cock!
    Get fucked by an Asian guy.
    Fuck a Hispanic guy.
    Fuck an Indian guy.
    Fuck myself with a dildo in front of other people.
    Fuck a married guy.
    Suck a stranger in a hotel hot tub.
    Fuck a Marine.
    Fuck a guy in the Navy.
    Fuck a guy in the Army.
    Fuck a guy in the Air Force.
    Fuck a guy in the Coast Guard.
    Fuck a pizza delivery guy.
    Blow a guy in the back of a cab.
    Break my BF's Rule: No fucking locals more than once.

    The Really Tough Slutty Listings:

    Get fucked by two guys at the same time.
    Get fucked by two black guys at the same time. (It was 3!)
    Put two cocks in my mouth at the same time!
    Get double penetrated (ass and pussy.)
    Get double vaginal penetrated (both in my pussy.)
    Have two cocks cum in my pussy at the same time!
    My first girl/girl experience!
    Fuck a married guy in front of his wife.
    Fuck a married guy WITH his wife!
    Get fucked by a guy 10 years younger than me.
    Get fucked by a guy 20 years younger than me.
    Get fucked by a guy 25 years younger than me.
    Get fucked by a 19 year old (as low as I will go.)
    Suck a stranger through a glory hole.
    Fuck a stranger through a glory hole.
    Take a creampie from a stranger through a glory hole.
    Just to verify...all 3 guys in these last 3 bucket list items were different guys!
    Go to a bukkake party.
    Share a cock with another girl.
    Suck and Fuck guys in an adult theater.
    I have done this one several times (over a dozen.) And those of you who have been to adult theaters will understand how difficult it is to get a photo at all, much less a good photo, and will therefore appreciate the quality of this pic. So, this is the best I've been able to get. And I am sucking and fucking two different guys so it fits under the same heading.
    Use a strap-on with another girl, and her use it on me.
    Get gangbanged by a group of 5 guys.
    I got fucked by 8 guys at a swing club. But, obviously, there are no photos of it, so I don't count it. I will mark this off only when there is photo or video proof that it happened!
    Get gangbanged by a group of 10 guys.
    Get gangbanged by a group of 15 guys.
    Get gangbanged by a group of 20 guys.
    Get gangbanged by a group of 20+ guys.
    Get triple penetrated.
    Have a group of guys cum on my face.
    Have a group of guys cum all over my body.
    Have a group of guys all cum in my pussy.
    At Personal Preference in Mesa (Adult Theater) I got fucked by 13 guys. Of those, most came in my pussy. So I have had a huge load of cum in me, but again, no photos were taken, so I get to do this one again!
    The Ultimate Listing:

    Get used as a sex slave for a week in exchange for new boobs!
    This was to be my ultimate. Being used as a sex toy by some rich guy, being told to show off my new boobs, flash my pussy, be used by his friends, strangers, all week long while my boyfriend took photos and videos of the entire thing. Things changed and I got the boobs before I really got too far into the site. But I got a few shoots done before the new boobs and am looking forward to lots of shoots after. And, wasn't able to really get the photos I wanted from "paying off my benefactor" of the new boobs! But ah well...I GOT BOOBS!

    Update: OK, so this isn't how I pictured it all in my head, and I didn't get photos of my "boob benefactor" but here's what I got instead. Since this list is constantly evolving and has been so much fun, I came up with this idea: Find a guy to be my BEFORE/AFTER guy. One to be the last guy to fuck me before I got the new boobs and then be the first guy to fuck me after I got them done. At least in the sense of being in photos. So here they come.

    Fuck a stranger right before getting new boobs.
    Fuck the same stranger first after my new boobs!
    This is no longer an option. Right after my boobs I got fucked by a guy in Laughlin, which ruined this entry. I was really horny and wasn't able to wait until I ran into this same guy to let him be the first one to fuck me with my new tits. At this point I've fucked over a dozen other guys, so...sorry dude!
     Cross Country SLUT!
    OK, so I came up with a new Ultimate. I want someone with an RV to sponsor and drive me across country getting me used at every swing club and adult theater we can find! I'll write a travel blog and we'll see if I can get gang fucked in every state (are there swing clubs in every state? Let's find out!) I do have a database of adult theaters across the country (that's how much I love adult theaters now!) So we can use that to map out the trip!

    Non-Photo List

    I realize after this first year of being a slut that there are a LOT of things I want to do that I'll just never get photos of. Like the stuff in the adult theater. They just don't allow cameras, so it's really hard unless I arrange something ahead of time. Plus, a lot of times I have situations where I can get fucked but the guys don't want to be on camera or there is no camera, etc. Unlike a lot of web girls (which I do not consider myself) I am not all about the shoot. I am about the sex. So here are a few that I've done that aren't really listed in the other areas but I've done or want to do.

    Get gangbanged in an adult theater.
    I have now done this multiple times. I LOVE going in adult theaters and taking on strangers. I have done it several times in Vegas and twice in Mesa. My biggest group so far was getting fucked by 13 different guys at the theater in Mesa. Every time it's been a mix of guys using condoms and guys fucking me bareback. And it's just fucking AWESOME. I want to move to Tampa because I hear they have a lot of theaters. Right now my closest one is 2.5 hours away. If I lived within a few miles of a theater, I would go every night of the week to get gang fucked. If I do move, I'm creating a new bucket list item that reads "Get fucked at an adult theater every night for a solid week."
    Get gang fucked in a swing club.
    I have also done this multiple times. So far the only swing club I've gone to is Red Rooster in Vegas but I've gone maybe 6-7 times now and go in the group room, strip, and just let everyone use me. The most I've been fucked by in the Rooster in one night is 12. Mostly bareback, but a few wore condoms.
    Have 100 cocks in my pussy in 1 year.
    I finished up 2013 with 98 cocks. Just 2 shy of this goal. I tried...I really did, but just fell short. However, I more than made up for it in 2014. After moving to Tampa this goal became way easier. I got fucked by 106 different guys in 2014. And I'm fairly certain 2015 will be WELL over 100 by the time it's over!
    Move to a more sexual area.
    Well, I did it. After a lot of research I found that Tampa had the most to offer in the sheer number of cocks I could get. I based my decision to move strictly on how much I would be getting fucked. I did not look at the job market, housing (I found the house after I moved here.) or any other factor other than just how much I could get fucked. Tampa won out. It has several adult theaters (my favorite, obviously), swing clubs, swinger groups, house parties, gangbang groups, adult websites, webgirls, a very active CraigsList, nudist resorts and so much more. I've been here less than two weeks as of this update and I've been fucked by 17 guys already!
    Break BF's rule: No fucking when he isn't around.
    My boyfriend is nice enough to allow me to do all these things on my bucket list. He has only given me two rules that he'd like me to abide by. I've broken them both. First is, no fucking when he isn't around. He doesn't care who I fuck, when I fuck, as long as he's there to see it and knows what I'm doing. But I wanted to feel what it was like to fuck without him there! In Vegas while outside at the hotel pool I needed to refresh my drink and another guy that was hanging out with us said he wanted a drink as well so we excused ourselves and went up to my hotel room while my BF stayed in the pool with some other friends. When we got to the room I pulled my bikini bottom to the side and told the guy to hurry and get his cock in me! He fucked me on the bed for a couple of minutes and filled my pussy full of cum and then we hurried and made drinks and went back down to the pool before anyone started to suspect anything. And to be perfectly honest, I get off more with him watching!