Birth to 2012:
I should make this part short. I was born and raised in Penn...and went through a series of long term relationships, had a child very early...then married and moved to Lake Havasu, AZ. I had another child during the marriage and spent the last 6 years of it completely sexless. During this (and all of my relationships) I was unable to masturbate, wear skirts, flirt in public, buy sex toys, watch porn, etc. Very vanilla relationships and at the time I didn't really know any different. Occasionally I would wonder about what it would be like, but I was devoted to my family and never acted on it. Eventually I got divorced and failed pretty hard at the dating scene since I wasn't really about just going out and fucking whoever I met in the bar. All total, by the end of 2012, I had a whopping 7 total sex partners my entire life. All guys I had long term relationships with.

During 2012 several things happened to change my life forever. The biggest of which was my youngest was moving off to college and I was soon to be in my home alone for the first time ever. I had also just started dating a new guy that was very open to me branching out sexually. I told him when we first started dating that as soon as my youngest moved away I wanted to start dressing and acting sluttier and he said he was cool with that. I also met the ex-pornstar, Chloe, at a bar in Havasu and we hit it off and began hanging out. I'd say that my boyfriend and Chloe were by far the two biggest influences on my turning into the slut I am today! Chloe would go on and on about how fun porn was and how great gangbangs are. My boyfriend recognized her from Gangbang Girl 17, so I asked him to rent it so we could watch it together. It was my very first porn I'd ever watched and I was blown away! When I saw Chloe getting double penetrated while standing up I felt so jealous. Like I had to do that some day! During this same time frame my boyfriend got me my first sex toy. A little pocket-rocket. From the first day I got it until the time you are reading this, the toy has not left my side. I carry it in my purse. I have used it in my car, at work, in my name it. I've even gotten so good with it that I can be watching TV and during a commercial I will buzz one out before the show even comes back on! Also during this same time frame I threw out every pair of panties I owned and I started wearing skirts. I started flashing my pussy and my boobs in bars and really having a good time with it. In my previous relationships I was only allowed to have 2 drinks when we went out. But now I could get as drunk as I want, flash everyone in the bar, and no one was getting mad! Life was changing! The only downsize was that my A cup boobs were not getting the attention I wanted. I even had a guy call them "fried eggs" once in a bar. Thankfully, boyfriend to the rescue! (to be continued...)

2013 was my break-out year. At the beginning of the year (actually, it was a Christmas present from 2012) my boyfriend bought me new boobs. I went from an A cup to 36D almost DD! And boy do I love showing them off. I get in more trouble from bartenders by them falling out. I now buy tops that barely cover them and they can easily fall out of! But back to my story! With new my boobs came a new attitude and I told my boyfriend I wanted to fuck a stranger. I'd never done it. Everyone in my entire life that I'd had sex with were guys I knew and dated for weeks before sex (including my boyfriend!) But I wanted to post something online, meet at a bar, have drinks, then go home and fuck. I thought for sure my boyfriend would not like the idea, but he said that if that's what I wanted to do then he was cool with it. I had already started a profile on AdultSpace and Fetlife and so started posting that I wanted to meet someone for no-strings sex. I got a response and it was on! I met him at a bar near my boyfriend's house. We had a few drinks. Then we went back to my boyfriend's house to fuck while my boyfriend watched and took photos. It was...amazing. Earth shattering. I felt so slutty that I knew that's how I wanted to be from now on. And from how hard my boyfriend fucked me after the guy left, I knew he was on board as well!

From there I just got bolder and bolder and sluttier and sluttier. I began picking up guys from bars to fuck. Posting on Craigslist that I wanted to meet in motels, etc. I began fucking strangers fairly regularly and with every new cock inside me the hornier and sluttier I felt and became. I even started sucking and fucking guys in public locations. I was pretty out of control and after fucking 3 guys in Laughlin while my boyfriend was home in Havasu he finally decided there needed to be some rules. I was still allowed to fuck any stranger I wanted, but only when he was there to see it. And, I wasn't allowed to fuck the same guys over and over and over again. I understood both rules and could see how awkward it would be if I had the same guy over every day. But the rule was a moot point since I had already decided at that point that I only enjoyed fucking strangers. The less I knew about them, the hornier it made me. Obviously when meeting people from online I knew what they looked like, their names, etc...which is why I began enjoying public and bar stuff better because when I could get fucked and the guy walked away and I didn't even get his name...that's what I enjoyed! I spent the early part of 2013 doing just that. Meeting strangers online and in bars. Fucking whoever I could...whenever I could...wherever I could! But it just seemed like I wanted more and I wasn't sure how to go about doing it! Then...Vegas happened!

Vegas 2013

During a trip to Vegas with my boyfriend I got to experience my very first gangbang. The entire story is in my erotica section if you'd like to read it. What the story doesn't say is that within minutes into my first gangbang, I knew that I would never be satisfied with one on one sex again. And, the bummer part, was that my boyfriend wasn't all that big on them at first. On the drive home from Vegas he said that it was cool that I had fun but he wasn't sure he'd be able to handle watching that all too often. But, I was on a mission. Over the next several months I suggested maybe once a month that we drive up to Vegas. Once there we'd have several drinks and I'd casually bring up going to the swing club. Of course that meant more gangbangs for me! It was during my 4th or 5th gangbang that my boyfriend finally came around. I was getting fucked at FantasyWorld (the porn theater) and for most of the night my boyfriend was out chatting with some guys in the video rental area. It was around 4:30am or so and he came in the theater. I was leaning over blowing a guy in his seat so my boyfriend came up behind me and stuck his cock in me. Well, I guess cum just went gushing out everywhere because he said "Holy Shit, how many guys did you let cum inside you tonight?" I was like, "Um...all of them!" He did a complete 180 at that point. As long as he can go last after I've let multiple guys cum inside me, he's all game for me to get gangbanged!

The BucketList:
I started the bucket list some time in late 2012 and early on in 2013. I was drinking and sat down with my boyfriend and discussed all the crazy sexual things that I wanted to try before I die. Some of it was pretty important, like fucking a stranger, having strangers cum inside me, fucking my first black cock...and some of it was just silly, like fucking a cop or an Army guy. Just things that sounded fun to me. So I started this website as a way to maybe try and get through that list. I figured with others reading and following along, I could get people to help me check off things on that list. And while I still do it, obviously you long time followers have noticed...I have checked off things slower and slower over the last year. Here's why:

After my very first gangbang in Vegas...I was changed. The guys said I was insatiable, possessed...a changed girl. I picked up the nickname Sati and I became SatiSlut. All of the sudden, things like "fucking a guy in the Air Force" became a lot less important to me than how in the world I was going to set up my next gangbang. Seriously, if one strange cock is fun...then a dozen must be amazing. is! I became (and still am) so fixated on gangbangs that I just don't seem to have the time to worry about smaller bucket list items. If something comes up (and I get emails still from guys wanting to check off certain items) then absolutely I'll follow through. But if it comes between a "maybe" to meet a guy to check off an item, or a "for sure" gangbang. Of course I'll pick going to the gangbang! And I found a sure-fire way to get gang fucked anytime I want. Any day of the week...

Porn Theaters:
After trying to host several house parties and hotel gangbangs, I realized just how hard it is to do. I get hundreds of responses to my Craigslist and Fetlife posts...but then no one shows up. However, ever time I went to the swing club in Vegas, or the porn theater, I got gang fucked every single time. That's when it hit me...I need to live in an area with bigger theaters and clubs! So I began researching. I found a database of every active porn theater in the U.S. And did some research on them and the area and finally picked out a location. I told my boyfriend to pack his bags...we were moving to Tampa! There are probably a dozen theaters in the area (there's even one less than a mile from our house.) and two very highly rated and very popular theaters in Tampa. It's...heaven. There are glory holes...big theater areas, private rooms, voyeur rooms, etc. I've even had my boyfriend take me at 3am one morning after a concert and I still wound up getting fucked by 6 guys! My record (so far) was one Saturday night I went in the theater and got fucked by 18 guys! Yes, 18! And I sucked/stroked off another dozen or so. It felt so wonderful knowing I'd just made somewhere around 30 strangers cum! I was a complete wreck. I was covered in cum and had probably 14 creampies leaking down both legs. And yet I still talked my boyfriend into taking me out for drinks so I could walk through a public bar looking I'd just been gang fucked by 18 guys! Whenever I have new guys want to take me out for a date, or meet up...I usually tell them that I'm not that interested in one on one stuff. But if they want to take me out for drinks, then go slut me out at the porn theater...THAT would get my panties moist (if I ever wore any!) I try to go every other weekend at least. And if I can't make it down to the big one I'll at least pop in the little one near my house to fuck a stranger or two or three. Someday I'll win the lottery and then I can spend every day in the porn theaters helping all those lonely perverts cum! Until then, I'll go as often as I can. If you're coming to Tampa and want to take me there some night...let me know!

The Future:
So where do I go from here? I don't know. Right now the only thing that drives my sexual urges is more cock. I want bigger gangbangs. I want more gangbangs. I want more strangers from bars to come home with me. I want more house parties. I want more cum inside me! I want to be double penetrated while being held up by two huge muscular guys! I want two strangers to cum deep inside my pussy at the very same time. I want a really good photo of me with a cock in all 3 holes and in both hands at the same time! Honestly...I just don't see how this could ever get boring! I see myself as a 70 year old grandma still setting up gangbangs with anyone that will still fuck me! Have any good ideas for me? Want to set up a party where I'm the fuck toy? Want me to gangbang your friends? Please email me and lets set it up! As long as it involves me and a LOT of cock...I'm your slut!